Below is an overview of the types of products iiTron provides. At iiTron, we have been serving Internet and Wireless industry since 2002 and aim to provide the same convenience of products that has made us a leader in the Internet Appliance field.

STB Remote Controller
Vehicle Tracking
HD Digital Signage


iiTron is now delivering its third generation Internet TV Set Top Box products to ODM customer worldwide. Suitable for Content providers to expand their reach as well as hospitality markets in need for a more cost-effective delivery of ever more content content.


iiTron provide the latest technology mobile asset tracking and security products. Used in combination with custom tracking and management software, users are able to remotely manage and secure their mobile assets and workforce worldwide.


iiTron has successfully deployed its digital signage products in several major public transportation projects in the USA and is about to expand this to other areas.

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